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IZ Development supports Directors, VP’s & Leadership teams in successfully realizing needed Cultural & TECH IT Operations related Transformation Projects which moves organizations to a more holistic healthy performance environment. IZ optimizes healthy inspiring relations between internal and external partners in Retail, Supply Chain, Logistics, Automotive and Aviation environments.

Monica/ IZ realized optimization projects successfully together with and for organizations like: Ahold Delhaize, KLM Catering Services B.V, CANON, DHL, Allnex, Schiphol Group, Driscoll’s EMEA, Eijgenhuijsen high value logistics (LGI Logistics).

“Holistic Leadership & Operations Development

IZ development is founded by Monica Heller almost 10 years ago. Since 2020 IZ Development also led projects successfully related to: Business Intelligence (BI), Data traffic, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and digitalizing. IZ is specialized in Holistic Performance Team & Leadership Development in a very unique way to nurture the organization back to where it started as “One Living being” and prevent lot’s off double work or too many interim managers to realize quick fixes resulting in a destructive pattern not understanding why the performance stays below target and getting more and more burned out team members.

Cleans up let’s old destructive mindsets disappear naturally and is always driven to bring out the best of the whole team”

Since 2020 IZ Development also led projects successfully related to: Business Intelligence (BI), Data traffic, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and digitalizing.

Some of the results

  • up till 50% structural operational performance improvement
  • visible possible changes behavior of Directors & Leaders to teams
  • Multiple MILJ of euro’s savings on year base by optimized structures and realized successful transition project
  • structural improved team health of organization by reducing absence % from 7% to 2% on yearly bases within complex international operational environment (Interim Operational Leadership)
  • Improved collaboration between international partners and cultures
  • Successful integration projects related to integrating software within international multinational production & logistics environments

Customer responses

  • Knows how to bring about clear positive organizational change
  • Guides the human aspect and team spirit of our complete group
  • Effectively leading multiple projects
  • Energetic person always driven for the best results
  • Heartfelt integrity and enviably creative

Next to this Monica also successfully designed products for the Schiphol Airport Group, PON (Audi, VW) and Mediamarkt which has been used by millions of customers yearly up till 10 years.

Let’s Create the Best Ever Together”










Interim Project Manager at Allnex.

In Monica’s role as Supply Chain Project Manager at allnex, she was very effectively leading an important project in logistics area for our company. Monica is working with all levels in an organization and always driving for results and aiming to complete her accomplishments with the best result. Monica is full of energy and any organization should view her talent leading projects as a very tangible asset.

Martin Leitner, Director Supply Chain EMEA




Interim Manager Planning & Transport – Eijgenhuijsen BV Precisievervoer

In her role as Interim Manager Planning and Logistics at Eijgenhuijsen BV, Monica Heller worked closely with the board and management to structure our planning and transportation department and create a good foundation during a period of explosive growth and change. During this period, I got to know Monica as an expert and enthusiastic person who listens very well to the wishes of her client and who is able to perfectly implement these wishes in combination with her own knowledge, insight and experience. Monica has managed to bring about clear and positive organizational changes within Eijgenhuijsen BV. Thanks to her input, processes have been improved considerably, making goals measurable and achievable. In addition, she is a very pleasant person to work with, both individually and in groups.

Willem Eijgenhuijsen, Owner, General Manager at Eijgenhuijsen BV Precisievervoer



Interim Floor Manager –  Driscoll’s EMEA

Monica has helped Driscoll’s the last 6 months after a challenging new ERP implementation. She focussed on the processes and worked very result oriented. She has shown dedication in getting the job done but also guided the human aspect and team spirit of our complete group. Thank you very much for this Monica! 

Wouter de Wit, Supply Chain Director EMEA  at Driscoll’s


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Shift /Team Manager  – KLM Catering Services B.V.

Monica has shown ambition in combination with great learning capacity resulting in HR focussed research to the benefit of our company

Jacques Blaauw, Manager Director at KLM Catering Services B.V



Recruitment & New Business Development – De Garage Werving & Selectie voor de Automotive Branche

Monica is a fun and pleasant colleague. Heartfelt integrity and driven, enviably creative. She combines humanity with professionalism in her very own way.

Margot Ros, manager at De Garage recruitment and selection agency for the automotive sector




Transformation and Personal Growth – Customers IZ Development

“You give clear assignments and advice. Over time, with your help, I have been able to break free from some old thought patterns. As a result I feel calmer and, in my experience, I am past fear. I am better able to deal with things with confidence.”


“What I have liked is your directness in feedback and explanation of how you see the situation. You are not afraid to interrupt the other person’s story when necessary, so as not to get bogged down in too much detail and waste time.”


“IZ Development gives a clear view of a situation, provides solutions through its practical and communicative skills. Thus, iz development senses what is at stake and then gives its input to this in a completely authentic way.”



He can not change? How to make change possible.

Do you recognize this? People who come across very negatively and about whom everyone says: “He cannot change, he is just like that” while the change is desperately needed and is now destructive for the environment and the result? It is up to you to choose whether to accept this or to approach things differently. People often think that causing a change is difficult or impossible. In many cases, however, there is much more possible than you ever imagined in an easy way. Here is a good example including the cause of the breakdown.

Preparing an annual appraisal for a negative employee

During my first role as Manager already 12 years ago, I was preparing an annual interview for an extremely negative acting employee. I had been his manager for a year now. This employee had worked for the company for many years and knew all the ins and outs. In terms of content he was also very good. Only his negative behavior was a problem. His negative behavior manifested itself especially when you asked him something. He regularly lashed out at colleagues. Moreover, he thought that all the changes within the organization were totally absurd.

It is clear that his behavior lowered the atmosphere in the department and stagnated the mutual trust. The results of the team therefore also lagged behind. He also did not want to work with anyone anymore.

I am going to do things differently

Before he came to me, he had already been through several behavioral improvement programs. However, these programs did not help him. Everyone around me said, “He’s just like that, he can’t change.” I thought differently so I decided to take a completely different approach. After I had prepared the interview, the day of the scheduled annual meeting arrived. He came into the office, sat down and said:

“I already know what this review looks like, same as always so for me we don’t need to have this conversation, waste of my time. Everything is fine but my behavior is mediocre and I can’t do anything about that because that’s how I am, no matter how much you want it.” “No,” I said. The annual review is going to be very different this year and there are entirely new things in the review. “Oh yeah?” he replied.


Bringing out positive traits


Somewhere I knew he had a sense of humor. Very occasionally this was also visible. I therefore made this positive characteristic clearly visible in the annual report. In the report I also made clear what he could do with his humor. He was completely surprised and asked me several times, “Oh yes, is that so? ”


In addition, I started making him much more important in the workplace. I made him project coordinator of a small change project about something he wanted to change himself. After the annual interview, he immediately started working enthusiastically. He seemed to have a lot more fun and self-confidence. He came up with several A4’s full of his vision and action points on various situations and how to improve them according to him. I helped him to work this out and to realize change.


The most special thing I found was that after the annual meeting he started to make a lot of jokes on the shop floor to everyone. He was even cheerful on a regular basis and started to take others along in a positive way to take action and work more effectively.


Creating change, anything is possible


This was so beautiful to see. I was stunned when he said, “I have something for you,” and opened a plastic container with slices of cake in it. “Do you want a slice? My wife made it and I don’t give it away just like that”. So causing a change is really possible, despite the fact that many people think it’s impossible.


With this example I want to make clear that change is possible. In this situation, the problem lay mainly in the fact that the employee felt that he was not taken seriously. The latter is often much more present on the shop floor than the manager thinks and unconsciously causes you to get far from maximum inspiring results from your team. So don’t pigeonhole people and situations too quickly. This ensures that the situation or person is literally locked in, which makes change or movement really difficult. Every situation and every team is different, so is the approach you use. But it is possible! The most important first step is to believe in it 100% yourself.


Monica is a guest blogger for 365 Days Successful and blogs in a personal capacity.


IZ advised, guided and coached Board members, Directors and Managers successfully and is highly driven on influencing effective change and creating happy successful inspiring environments where everybody’s value is used well. 

Train how to fully embody the organizational purpose from your personal true Identity in a more Holistic way to nurture continuous improvement to the Max more easy than ever!

  • Solve leadership, performance and operational challenges 100% faster
  • Become a more conscious empowering transformator
  • Transform resistance in yourself or around you in a more easy way
  • Become a more empathetic, connecting, holistic leader
  • Inspire your environment to better connect, trust, enforce each other and act more transparent automaticly

After analyzing many many methodes from agile, scrum, lean etc. including a list of holistic methodes and many more last 20 years. She discovered the essence of change can almost always succeed as long as it is tailor made for the organization and not just a list of steps with no connection to all elements. 

 Leadership Development

  • Guiding leaders and teams moving forward to the next level of Holistic Leadership
  • Balance your soft & hard skills and develop your empathetic coaching skills as a leader
  • Advice and Inspire leaders to unite their natural high influence factors and talents and more easily inspire teams during challenging situations
  • Sparring Partner how to deal in a healthy way with challenging situations and remove old patterns
  • Development to automaticly fully embody the Vision of the organization and nurture the stakeholders will join you
  • Learn more creative  playful ways to transform destructive patterns within teams
  • Feed effective connected collaboration and connections in your teams automaticly

IZ works in a pragmatic, connecting human, fun way and applies advice you can directly integrate during business challenges. IZ has a Mission to serve and support leaders to make it much more easy and fun for themselves and the whole team to realize wanted change in a short time frame and to solve challenges. By this leaders can inspire their teams to the MAX over and over again and keep balance at all levels within them selves as well as the other key stakeholders.

IZ provides 1 on 1 training, consulting or brainstorm sessions live, online and by phone.



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