IZ advised, guided and coached Board members, Directors and Managers successfully and is highly driven on influencing effective change and creating happy successful inspiring environments where everybody’s value is used well. 

Train how to fully embody the organizational purpose from your personal true Identity in a more Holistic way to nurture continuous improvement to the Max more easy than ever!

  • Solve leadership, performance and operational challenges 100% faster
  • Become a more conscious empowering transformator
  • Transform resistance in yourself or around you in a more easy way
  • Become a more empathetic, connecting, holistic leader
  • Inspire your environment to better connect, trust, enforce each other and act more transparent automaticly

After analyzing many many methodes from agile, scrum, lean etc. including a list of holistic methodes and many more last 20 years. She discovered the essence of change can almost always succeed as long as it is tailor made for the organization and not just a list of steps with no connection to all elements. 

 Leadership Development

  • Guiding leaders and teams moving forward to the next level of Holistic Leadership
  • Balance your soft & hard skills and develop your empathetic coaching skills as a leader
  • Advice and Inspire leaders to unite their natural high influence factors and talents and more easily inspire teams during challenging situations
  • Sparring Partner how to deal in a healthy way with challenging situations and remove old patterns
  • Development to automaticly fully embody the Vision of the organization and nurture the stakeholders will join you
  • Learn more creative  playful ways to transform destructive patterns within teams
  • Feed effective connected collaboration and connections in your teams automaticly

IZ works in a pragmatic, connecting human, fun way and applies advice you can directly integrate during business challenges. IZ has a Mission to serve and support leaders to make it much more easy and fun for themselves and the whole team to realize wanted change in a short time frame and to solve challenges. By this leaders can inspire their teams to the MAX over and over again and keep balance at all levels within them selves as well as the other key stakeholders.

IZ provides 1 on 1 training, consulting or brainstorm sessions live, online and by phone.



Monica Heller
ING, Transformation Lead, Holistic Pragmatic Leadership Development, Creative

M 0031 (0)6-52317142