Skype Personal and Business Coach

For over 25 years IZ researched what human teams and businesses needs to stay balanced and healthy.

Extreme challenging situations will feed strong emotions of all kind within human and teams. Learn the easiest and purest way to easily keep your healthy system working for you very well and train others to also do this.

IZ will give full power, trust and inspiration to the inners health of organizational structures to at many levels.

  • Reset and keep emotional balance strong.
  • How to develop inspired circulair teams during extreme situations and be prepared for the future
  • How to update old bureaucratic small and large systems together to sustainable connected worldwide systems together

If you want to plan a Skype coach session with Monica you are very welcome. The first 30 min are for free. (after that €65,- per 30 min)

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IZ Development

Initiated by Monica Heller