Senior Interim Project Management


IZ serves organizations

by uniting key stakeholders and operations to the next level of the organization 

 Feeding SMART Connections within Transformational environments

20210401_151100 kopie*   Optimizing & Uniting Global Baselines to nurture Continuous Improvement

*   Bridging Global Operations to Digitalization / IT Baselines
*  Guiding teams to optimize in a SMART Holistic Pragmatic way

*  Creating savings at financial as well as team health situations 


IZ always aims for healthy powerful transformations and is now successfully developing and transforming operations, teams and processes for 15 years now leading complex integrations, bridging IT to operations.

IZ nurtures multiple levels of the organization to deal in a much easier way with current and future challenges in a constant changing environment. IZ also takes care destructive repeating patterns within teams can be removed and aims keeping everyone on board, coaching teams in a pragmatic holistic way to nurture a healthy transparant happy team.

Customer responses

  • Knows how to bring about clear positive organizational change
  • Guids the human aspect and team spirit of our complete group
  • Effectively leading multiple projects
  • Energetic person always driven for the best results
  • Heartfelt integrity and enviably creative


IZ provides Senior Interim Operational Management and End to End overall succesful project/ transformational realization over multiple departments like: Global Planning, IT, Customer Service, Production, Logistics, Procurement, Finance, Warehouse, Customer Service, Quality (SHE), Facility and Export

  • Improve internal and external global product flows, processes and structures (value stream mapping)
  • Aligning and effectively connecting all personal (hidden) and team values to automatic continuous improvement structures
  • Aligning and Integrating Vision, Mission, Strategies within operational environments 
  • Financial budget control and maintaining stable margins
  • Customer & Team Experience Design
  • Stakeholders Management &  Managing Service Level Agreements
  • Team coaching and development 


IZ has successfully fulfilled leadership roles over the past 14 years, developed many innovations and successfully led complex transition projects on behalf of and in collaboration with organizations such as: KLM Catering Services BV, Driscoll’s, Allnex, CANON Nederland, Eijgenhuijsen Precision Transport and DHL .


Some results over the past 14 years

Leading teams and structuring processes and talents which resulted in..

  • 25% till 40% structural rising Delivery Performances
  • Visible improvement of team collaboration, performance, motivation and synergy
  • End to end successfully collaboration and process development during GO LIVE of complex Outsourcing- ERP- Digitalization- Projects
  • Creating tailor made fundaments, teams, structures, BI Blueprint design to optimize current Businesses Intelligence (BI) environments to become ready to cope with the future level of Data Management
  • Reduction from 12% to structural 2% absenteeism within high physical demanding professions
  • Highly increased savings
  • Selecting, contracting and integrating succesfull new Business Partners
  • Visible improved internal, external stakeholders and customer business processes, structures and relations



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