Interim Management

IZ serves organizations by providing Interim Management, Project Management & Transformation Guidance by Monica Heller. Monica worked together with, led and executed operational transition projects successfully in extreme challenging complex global situations and high quality environments. Successful track record within Logistics-, Planning & Warehouse environments for FMCG, Food, Chemical sectors for organizations like: KLM Catering Services B.V, Allnex BV, Driscoll’s EMEA, CANON, DHL, Eijgenhuijsen high value logistics. She also succesfully designed products for the Schiphol Airport Group, PON (Audi, VW) and Mediamarkt.


As a former experienced Performance Manager, Product Designer, Transformation Coach  Monica became a mix of an

Energetic empathetic, creative positive person who brings balance within teams, is always very performance driven and creative and sees opportunities everywhere

She is driven by developing/designing the most effective workflows, connections and processes together with teams in a pragmatic way which constant nurtures all performance and sustainable targets. Also she focusses on developing the right team spirit, skills and provides performance (KPI Dashboard) structures to deal well with constant changing environments and effectively integrate data, AI and new products within supply chains.


What customers say…

  • Knows how to bring about clear positive organizational change 20200415_231502
  • Also guided the human aspect and team spirit of our complete group
  • Effectively leading multiple projects
  • Energetic person always driven for the best results
  • Heartfelt integrity and enviably creative



Expert in in aligning all key stakeholders well during complex transitions under high pressure always resulting in reaching all project and performance targets. Senior Project Management in digitalization and integrating date usage well into operational environments, control effective collaboration and reporting and keep providing excelent customer experiences during transitions.


Extensive track record in successfully aligning and executing projects within the departments: Supply Chain, Logistics, Warehouse, Production, Quality SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) Planning, Sales, Customer Service, Finance and Facility.


Activities of the last 14 years:

  • Improving on time delivery performances and customer service levels and experiences
  • Overall Leading operations and/or multiple transition projects
  • Transform organizational structures and guide teams to new environments
  • Optimizing processes, workflows, procedures, quality
  • Risk Management and scenario planning
  • Optimizes collaboration & communication structures
  • Leading integrations/ digitalizations of new products, data systems and ERP cutovers
  • Transforming cultures and motivating/ coaching teams in a pragmatic empathetic way
  • Aligning internal and external key stakeholders to new environments and objectives
  • Effectively connects multiple departments to new environments