Operations Development


Extensive track record of successfully leading Supply Chain and Logistics Operations including identifying, managing developing and executing operational transitions, innovations and growth opportunities within all levels.

IZ is an expert in developing and integrating operational structures, processes and innovations and aligning all internal key stakeholders and external business partners successful to new environments. IZ has a track record simplifying and solving complex (political) operational challenges and develop and execute significant improved operation performance, structures and teams.

Analyse – Balance – Connect – Develop – Innovate – Integrate – Excellerate

IZ reaches it’s objectives in the most complex and political environments on time, is a real team player, brings balance and works in a an open, no nonsense, empathetic way. IZ provides complex problem solving, effective collaborating teams and effective performance and service dashboards.
IZ is also an expert in removing and transforming team patterns.

IZ takes care of leadership and End to End Project Management during challenging development phases. IZ is an expert in analyzing and helicopter viewing the whole operation lines, discover the gaps and main influence problems and provides the needed adjustments and development including happy balanced stakeholders, continuous improvement structures, inspiring innovations and a high level delivery performance and Customer Services/ Experiences so processes and teams are motivated to develop to the next level a short period of time.


Supply Chain, Logistics & Operations Management

  • Operational Leadership: Logistics, Warehouse, Planning, Customer Service, Production

Project Management
Alignment, Leadership and Development for Internal and External Stakeholders / Business Partners to New Environments like ERP integrations, Explosive Grow, Digitalization or Sustainable Development Projects

  • Optimizing shared organization values and developing effective processes, communication- and collaboration structures, reporting structures, Performance dashboards, aligned cultures, procedures and workflows
  • Development of healthy motivated well performing aligned teams to keep and/or get the right skills on board
  • Performance Management & Finance Control
  • Team Development & Coaching, personal and team value capture, awareness and development, problem solving and removing blocking factors

The last 14 years Monica worked together with and has led and executed Operational Transition projects successfully with and for organizations like: KLM Catering Services, Allnex, Driscoll’s, CANON, DHL, Eijgenhuijsen High Value Logistics and also succesfully designed products for Schiphol Airport Group, PON (Audi, VW) and Mediamarkt.



  • 25% up till till 40% structural increased Delivery Performance and Customer Service by optimizing processes, leadership & coaching structures and aligning structures over 4 to 8 operational departments
  • Structural visibly removed destructive patterns, behavior within Key Stakeholders and Operational Teams.
  • Structural increased Business Partner relations and KPI Performances up till 50%
  • Structural reduction from 12% to structural 2% absenteeism within high physical demanding professions.
  • Structural savings 350K up till 1.5 MLN on year base by optimizing and simplefying various structures, business partner relations, contract structures. Finance and budget control 









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