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Interim Operations Development

Last 12 years IZ successfully supported CEO’s, Directors, Board members, Operational Teams, Managers, by leading transition projects and building bridges to create optimal constructive connections between all levels of the organization during and after explosive grow or complex and political sensitive change phases.

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IZ is founded by Monica Heller and started out of her great passion for development of operations leadership teams as one strong organ together. Her many years of experience as an strong operations leader, coach and engineer makes it possible for her to easely deliver the hard skills as the soft skills optimal aligned with the situation within the organization.

She says nothing is more fulfilling than being able to support organizations to bridge, create, structure, connect, inspire, renew and sustain all available power, knowledge and processes they need and translate this to the best structure, results and high savings for the whole organization together with the teams.

IZ unites departments by optimizing the level of awareness within teams and developing processes, structures and inspired successful collaboration between all stakeholders, operations departments and business partners to create a constructive structure during complex change. The mission of IZ also contains sustainable development at many levels without losing control.


IZ is hired mostly during complex change situations which requires extra man power to lead the overall development for the whole operations management team to create the best during transition phases and develop renewed structures within organizations as one team.

IZ provides building powerful connections, structures and teams, create high financial savings and constructive operational basic overall goals & performance structures during complex change periods. IZ is specialized in managing & developing an optimal aligned relation structure for all stakeholders (internal and external departments).

IZ makes change and development a more inspiring joyful phase for the whole team, partners and relations during extreme challenging periods.



Interim Operations Management/ Development & Interim Project Management.

  • Visie, Missie update en strategie optimaliseren naar huidige situatie en vertalen naar doelstellingen en gezonde inspirerend targets en hernieuwde structuren waar nodig.
  • Operationele Performance (structuur) verbeteren en of borgen.
  • Opzet en ontwikkeling van elementen van KPI Performance Dashboard.
  • Ontwikkelen vanuit elementen LEAN, SCRUM, Agile waar passend.
  • Budget borging en structurele besparingen in kosten realiseren.
  • Omvormen van weerstand en oude destructieve patronen naar constructieve elkaar inspirerende eenheid.Ontwikkeling van Interactie & Gedrag en verbetering van samenwerking voor zowel interne afdelingen als externe relaties, (3PL) Business partners en klant beleving.
  • Interne en externe relatie, klant beheer/ communicatie structuur optimaliseren
  • Ontwikkelen en optimaliseren basis communicatie- en rapportage structuur, operationele processen en workflows.
  • Omzetting naar transparante circulaire processen en besturingsystemen herstructureren van verouderde structuren en processen, mindsets en workflows.






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