Leading your teams & structures to the next level

IZ provides Senior Interim Management executed by Monica Heller and has an extensive track record of successfully leading, identifying, managing developing and executing operational transitions, innovations and growth opportunities within all levels of Supply Chain and Logistics Organizations. IZ provides Solutions and tailor made Team Development to be able to optimal develop to new environments and maintain high (delivery) performances and motivated teams including the right skills. IZ leads in a very powerful, connecting human, inspiring way during challenging situations like: Disruptive periods, Digitalization, Explosive grow, Changing Environments, New ERP system implementations 

Monica worked together with and has led and executed projects successfully within organizations like: KLM Catering Services, Allnex, Driscoll’s, CANON, DHL, Eijgenhuijsen High Value Logistics and succesfully designed products for Schiphol Airport Group, PON (Audi, VW) and Mediamarkt.


  • Optimizing/ Restructure Operational Departments, Leadership Teams, Processes, Procedures, Collaboration Safety Structures and Cultures
  • Operations Management when a Manager is absence for a longer period
  • Startup new Management role
  • Team Development
  • Customer & Team Experience Design
  • Align Core Values and translate to Objectives and Clear Roadmaps for all Departments
  • End to End Project Management
  • Finance Budget & Margin Management
  • Internal & External Stakeholder Relation Management & Developmen


Some results of the past 13 years.

  • 25% till 40% structural rising Delivery Performances
  • Clear cross functional processes and collaboration structures over 4 to 8 operational departments
  • Reduction from 12% to structural 2% absenteeism within high physical demanding professions
  • High structural savings per year (300K to 1.5M) on creating new structures with external business partners by aligning objectives, redefine processes, unite service level agreements
  • End to end succesfully integrating new external Stakeholders and Business Partners
  • Improved Business relations (Customer Relation Management and Experience Design)
  • Finance and budget control by developing Agile constructive overviews and frameworks
  •  Alignment & clear connecting performance goals for internal and external key stakeholders over the whole supply chain
  • Visible transitions of negative patterns and mindsets within teams to united motivated relation


Experience Design background

  • Improved and structural much more united happy Operational (MT) Teams, Partner and and visible rising great feedback on customer experiences during challenging periodes
  • Transformed negativity within teams to inspired pro active initiatives from the available values within the team
  • Retail Interior Presentations for new models of Audi and VW
  •  X-Ray basket for Schiphol Airport (used by all passengers at Schiphol airport for over 8 years)
  •  Indoor Experience rooms for furniture shops
  •  Wall decoration for Supermarket concerns
  •  Stands for Wellness products
  •  2D retail presentations to present new products







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